Domain Matching Program

ICM Registry, via its wholly owned subsidiaries, applied for .PORN, .SEX, and .ADULT
under ICANN’s New gTLD Program.

If we are granted the right to operate .PORN, .SEX, or .ADULT we will implement a “Domain Matching Program”. The “Domain Matching Program” allows .XXX registrants to register their corresponding .XXX names in the awarded gTLDs; this is intended to help protect the direct match .XXX names in these new gTLDs.

The underlying .XXX registrant has full control over whether or not to register the .XXX matching name in the new gTLDs. The .XXX registrant may choose to register the name in one gTLD (and not others), the .XXX registrant may choose to register the name in all awarded gTLDs, the .XXX registrant may choose to use the name or sell the name or transfer the name. Alternatively, the .XXX registrant may choose not to register the name in any new gTLD. All of these options are available to the .XXX registrant for as long as the underlying .XXX registration is maintained.

For example, if we are awarded the gTLDs and you have a registration for the domain name EXAMPLE.XXX, we will allow you to register EXAMPLE.PORN.

Subject to ICANN’s rules and procedures, we will keep .XXX registry-reserved names reserved in the gTLDs as well. (This applies to Sunrise B .XXX reserved names as well as other .XXX registry-reserved names, but does not apply to .XXX names we reserved under our promotional programs intended for .XXX domain name registrations.)

At all times, all of the new gTLD domain names and this Domain Matching Program remain subject to intellectual property rights and ICANN’s rules and procedures.

*For more information about the new gTLD Program rules and procedures, see the ICANN Guidebook published at The Guidebook may be modified and if modified, we will be subject to those modifications.

**There will be charges for additional registrations and for registration renewals. For more information about the “Domain Matching Program”, see the forthcoming applicable rules and procedures that will be published upon launch of the new gTLDs.